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Home Remodeling Contractors - Home Improvement Contractor - Residential General Contractor - Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

There are many things you must consider before hiring builders or a residential general contractor. Planning is an essential part of the building, additions and home improvement process. You must plan whether you are doing kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, roofing repairing or building a new home. Selecting the right home improvement contractors or remodeling contractors is important. There are several things to consider before you make your final builder contractor selection. Many people rely on friends, family and business colleagues for referrals. Finding the right residential general contractor can be hard. That is why getting a business referral from one of your friends or family is a good idea. This along with free estimates is one way of selecting a good builder or contractor.  Contractor references are a good idea when making your residential general contractor selection. Getting business references from friends or contacts can be helpful. It can provide you with an opportunity to see one of the remodeling contractors or residential contractors construction project first hand.  However, there are times when a good contractor’s reference is not enough. You may then want to evaluate your residential general contractor or builder on other areas. Make sure they are licensed, insured. Also make sure that they do not have any complaints with the contractor licensing board or the BBB.  OnCallContractors have expert residential contractors and builders who have been pre-screened to meet all of your needs.  If you are looking for a basement contractor, bathroom contractor, roof or roofing contractor, plumbing contractor, electrical contractor, dry wall contractor, handyman or a special trade contractor we are your solution.  All of are builders go though a tough screening process to be in our elite network of provides.  So you can be rested assured that you will find what you need for your remodeling and home improvement project. OnCallContractors will guide you through your construction project or home improvement project each step of the way.  

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Selecting the Right Builder for Your Additions, Remodeling and Home Improvement Project

First, thing to remember when selecting the right general contractor is not to go too fast. Take your time! Go through all the steps to make sure that your construction project goes smoothly. Construction projects can be very exhausting on both your finances and your time. We all know that all too often home additions, remodeling and construction projects end up taking much longer.  Taking your time to select the right builder or contractor will be better for your construction project or remodeling venture.  Carefully interview your home improvement contractors and residential general contractor!

Getting References for your Home Improvement Contractor or Roofing Contractor

Getting your contractor’s home improvement references from friends, family and business contacts are a good idea when selecting a residential general contractor.  Not only will you want to get personal job references but you will also want to get business references from your general contractor.  These home improvement references can come from people they work with like sub-contractors and architects.  Talk to the architect that the builder or residential contractor works with, weather you are doing a remodeling project or building a new home.  When speaking with the architect that your contractor recommends listen to what they have to say about the contractor. This may be helpful. Beware that some architects and contractors work close together and have personal relationships. So the architects reference may be slightly bias, especially if the architect has something to gain from the residential general contractor. You should obtain at least three business references from your residential general contractor or remodeling contractor. Once you have your home improvement references from your general contractor you can then precede to the next step in the selection process.

Collecting Estimates from your Builder or Residential General Contractors

Once you have reviewed your contractor’s home improvement references then you may want to get estimates for your construction or remodeling project. Often a residential general contractor will offer free estimates to their clients. This is their way of winning your construction or remodeling project. This is also your one opportunity to really negotiate with your builder or residential contractor. You will want to collect at least three estimates from three difference builders or residential general contractors. Buy obtaining three free estimates this does two things, first it allows you to make sure you are getting the best price on your home additions, remodeling, home improvement, construction project, second it causes your contractors to compete for your business. When competing for your remodeling or construction project they will often give better rates.

Understanding your Free Estimates from your Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Electrical, Repairing, and Special Trade Contractors

It is important that you understand how to read your free estimates from the building contractors and residential general contractors you are reviewing. Most builder contractors will list what their fees are in writing along with drawings of your construction or remodeling project. It is important to read over all the documentation they give you carefully. Sometimes builders and residential contractors will have hidden fees and even hidden contracts built into their free estimates. Sometimes the less expensive estimate may not be the lowest cost. The free estimate may not include all aspects of your remodeling or building project. Be aware that you should never have to sign a free estimate that a builder or business contractor gives you. By signing your estimate you may not be aware that you are in fact signing a contract that legally obligates you something. This could have negative implications later in your construction or remodeling project. So just be careful when reviewing your free estimates. Also remember you can ask your residential general contractor questions about what their estimate does and does not include. Be sure to have all that it does include in writing before you go to contract with your selected contractor or residential general contractor. A builder contractor is a consultant as well as an estimator so try to obtain as much information as possible on your home improvement, remodeling or construction project. Take notes on what the two of you discuss. If you and your remodeling contractor do make changes to the estimate make them initial or sign where you have made the changes. Both you and your contractor should get a copy of the new estimate for you remodeling or construction project.

Reputable Remodeling Contractors and Builders

Most reputable builders and remodeling contractors will ask you a series of questions about your needs, and your expectations for your new remodeling or construction project. It is important for the builder and contractor to understand what is most important to you regarding your remodeling and construction process.  Knowing whether an owner is interested in quality not just price can play a factor in deciding whether or not to bid the job.   Sometimes the lowest priced free estimate that a residential general contractor gives may not be the best. Reputable remodeling contractors and home improvement contractors will focus on quality rather then price, after all quality is more important in the long run then price. So consider this when selecting your residential contractor. This information has been provided by OnCallContractors.com. Click here to review your contractor's license in California.

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